agalma e.p.e.

agalma e.p.e. (ΑΓΑΛΜΑ Ε.Π.Ε.) is a research process of Black Swans - duo work of Astarti Athanasiadou and Achilleas Chariskos. 

We are currently researching the composition of images that destroy images. We are attracted to this methodology of meta-destruction as plastic event; a methodology towards new synthesis with relevant choreography and physical performance that relies on authenticity as image explosion. We wonder whether it is possible through the above methodology to discharge the “greek” dancing body from some conditions that we find as audiences/performers to still be very present among us due to our historical, colonial and socio-political past; the performativity of ancient greek definition of beauty, the bound of beauty with structural harmony and aetheticised political superiority. We have been victims of that syndrome and that manifested in the way we look or relate to our “greekness” through dance. 

In December 2018, we led a three week performance laboratory “Images that Destroy Images” at the Athens Fine Arts School, as guest teachers of Aggelos Antonopoulos assisted by Dida Papalexandrou. Participants were be fine art students and guests. We invited Nasos Frantzeskakis, former graduate with sculpting practice, to join us and work with us as scenographer, and video artist Aggeliki Hatzi to document our process. We shared our research by proposing score based exercises of image composition and destruction translated to physical performance. 

How can we use the intensity of meta-destruction to push beyond the great force of the collective and inscribed memory of our aesthetic history?

In December 2019, we came together and worked for one month towards the compilation of a performance score. We showed this as a work in progress in Stoa Fexi Project Space.

Warm thanks to Natasa Dada, Despina Sevasti, Aggelo Antonopoulo, Dida Papalexandrou, Naso Frantzeskaki, Aggeliki Hatzi, Thanasi Euthimiou and Komodo Design Studio, Neraides, Themi Vasconcelos, Dimitra Kondulatou, Marko Georgilaki, Matthaio Darzenta.

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