I work as choreographer, performer and teacher, studied dance, choreography and performance studies in Athens (GR), Lausanne (CH) and Malta, and graduated from the Dutch Art Institute, Master in Art Praxis in Arnhem, NL in 2017. Grew up in Athens, Greece and based in Amsterdam, Netherlands since 2007.

I am interested in investigating conditions of bringing dancing bodies together as sites of resistance against structural fixation and cultural hegemony of aestheticized commodified performance. Through my work I aim to transform contrariety into self-inflicted freedom by generating states of dance becoming. These states approach the body as agent of poetic inference while considering narratives as useful fictions. Next to self-initiated and commisioned projects, I release work under the aliases of /supergroup/, bad royale and achaperformance.

As teacher, I am an active member of the Body Weather Amsterdam Platform led by Frank van de Wen and Katerina Bakatsaki and aligned researcher/transmitter of the Body Weather practice in the form of roaming teaching, and of the Dangerous Mouses platform, weekly shared physical practice space based in Amsterdam, initiated by Maria Mavridou and Pablo Fontdevila, and co-led with Yurie Umamoto and Stefania Petroula.

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+31 634 860 873 [NL]

+30 698 7160052 [GR]

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