Astarti Athanasiadou (1983, GR/NL)

I studied dance, choreography and performance studies in Athens (GR), Lausanne (CH) and Malta, and graduated from the Dutch Art Institute, Master in Art Praxis in Arnhem, NL in 2017. I grew up in Athens, Greece, I m based in Amsterdam, Netherlands since 2007 and I work wherever the job takes me.

My work is grounded in the medium of live performance and centred on portraying physical emancipation. I work on developing a particular system of production through a zero economy, focused on bodies and their proximal environments. Strongly influenced by literary, feminist and social theories, I find political gravity in working with bodies as they are, introducing a methodology of non-image and a feel for the being/doing. The gesture of reengaging with and transforming what is already instituted in one’s body brings forward identities of transparency and promotes politics of vulnerability. This search, which I consider a form of resistance, requires processes that involve other people, in which I undertake the role of an observer, mediator, facilitator. While bringing people together, I embrace playfulness as a conscious strategy to manipulate the rigidity of a(ny) system and endlessly create conditions for such playing as an analogue to art practice and model for social criticism. Next to self-initiated and commissioned projects, I release work under the alliances of /supergroup/, bad royale and blackswans.

As educator, I am an active member of the Body Weather Amsterdam Platform led by Frank van de Wen and Katerina Bakatsaki and aligned researcher/transmitter of the Body Weather practice in the form of roaming teaching, and of the Dangerous Mouses platform, weekly shared physical practice space based in Amsterdam, initiated by Maria Mavridou and Pablo Fontdevila, and co-led with Yurie Umamoto and Stefania Petroula. Since 2018, I have been a guest teacher at the Master of Home of Performance Practices (HoPP) in Artez.

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+31 634 860 873 [NL]

+30 698 7160052 [GR]

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