manila 40


The performance is an invitation to understand and rethink societal objects that catalyze connection between bodies and objects. A Manila 40 rope is encountered by two futuristic female characters. The three performers together unfold the main constitutional element of the object, the one of inherent twisting around itself in order to be able to obtain tensile strength. The performance recognizes such twist as a quality that made humanity propel forward by satisfying needs as braiding together into a bigger and larger form.

Choreography and performance: Astarti Athanasiadou & Yurie Umamoto
Costumes: Panagiotis Panagiotakopoulos
Music: Stefano Sgarbi

Photo: Thomas Lenden

Presented at:
Dansmakers, Amsterdam, NL (part of VI Flam Festival – Basis for Live Art) | March 2016

Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, NL | October - December 2015

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