I facilitated the workshop Devising Games; strategy for Unconscious Making, as part of the Grased week 2020 in Master of Theater Practices in Artez, Arnhem, NL. The workshop focused on devising games as a means for participation and unconscious creativity. Unlike performing, playing a game strategises a different mode of participation as a lived experience. This workshop attended to the spontaneity of playing games and considers devising games as an artistic method for exciting unpredictability and interaction. Considering what Jacques Rancière calls ‘genuine participation’ as the invention of an ‘unpredictable subject’ who momentarily occupies the street, the factory, or the museum–rather than a fixed space of allocated participation whose counterpower is dependent on the dominant order, the workshop aimed to provide space and look into how subjects are engaged, involved, socially implicated, exchanged in terms of knowledge and negotiated while actively participating in the productive time of cultural capital under the form of games. Eventually, we–we as a shared agency of potentially unpredictable subjectivity, a constantly shifting collectivity of undefined bodies– can ask: How and where can we position a creative practice of devising and playing games as a different modality of artistic production? 

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