My Paradise is a performance developed by Astarti Athanasiadou and Achilleas Chariskos in 2013, inspired by the performativity of constructive tendencies in view of social relationships. The initial point of departure is the offer of help which often tends to mask the need to address self-importance, eventually leading to indulge own crave for limitation and control of others. My Paradise approaches the idea of such underpinned limitation of the body by an object or another body through problem solving methods and role exchange. What seems to be at stake is the ambiguous concept of liberation, appearing as relative as ever, presented here as a perpetuated action that constantly negotiates with collusion.

As workshop, My Paradise is addressed to anyone interested in taking part in a choreographic exploration between bodies and objects leading to performance. Departing from collaborative exchange and improvisation games, the process invites participants to eventually perform a corporeal dialogue by composing strategy, tracking score and negotiating conflict.

University of Malta, Dance Department, MT | June 2016

Athens Fine Arts School, GR | January 2015

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