Dangerous Mouses is a platform shaped to respond to the needs of a sustained physical praxis in the form of class/training/practice, initiated in 2011 by performers/choreographers Maria Mavridou and Pablo Fontdevila, and further joined by Yurie Umamoto and Astarti Athanasiadou in 2014.

DM aims to provide an unexpected space for thinking and/as doing, playfully stimulate corporeal processes, facilitate dialogue between bodies and feed desire to move, perform and create.

The training is based on continuous flow addressing release principles, strength, coordination, cardiovascular condition, spatial awareness, balance and concentration. Simple movement patterns are introduced as a warm up to loosen up the joints into progression of movement in the space (walking/running). There is an ongoing encouragement to activate both focal and peripheral vision while working on spatial awareness and the relation to gravity through release and softening. All that is to further be practiced in the form of short movement patterns repeated traveling across the room, gradually increasing complexity and intensity in terms of condition, co-ordination and awareness. The proposal is an ongoing challenge based on working through release, rebound and soft joints within a very energetic, playful and active practice. The participants follow at their own pace while the repetition emphasises qualities and sensations over the form of the movement. Each participant investigates the application of the DM proposal on their own body. Slow patterns that focus on deep articulation of smaller joints as well as exercises in couples or manipulations are given for cooling down. DM puts forward all that throughout a radical practice of concentration and self-observation.

The participants take responsibility for their own work in physical continuum of at least 2 hours. DM proposes the challenge of not taking one’s own body for granted and aims for attention throughout the physical overload of such intensive practice. The aimed intensity stimulates the development of condition, strength, flexibility, coordination and concentration and also proposes a conjunction of exhaustion and awareness that helps the body revisit habitual through interfering patterns of movement and thought.

The DM platform runs in Amsterdam on regular basis as well as occasionally in other countries for daily trainings or workshops.

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