rerouting roots


video documentary performance


In the frame of supporting the legendary industry of currently gentrified Strait Street, Valletta's red light district, and rerouting the street's identity as art host. Combined interviews with workers, residents, passengers and artists together with performance under the question "to whom does strait street belong to?"

Commissioned by Strada Stretta, directed by Guiseppe Schembri Bonaci. Under the auspices of Valletta 2018. Supported by Roberto Cimetta Fund.

Performance by: Aidan Aquilina, Maria Jesus Mendible, Alicja Sosnia, Concetta Cariello, Julian Chircop

Technical Support: Jason Masini

Coordination: Nikki Petroni, Melanie Erixon

Photo by: Justin Mamo

Presented at:

Splendid Hotel, Strait Street 74, Valletta, MT | April 2018

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