A spiral dance. A circuit.

By Hu Wei.

Performance by: Hu Wei, Astarti Athanasiadou

Hu Wei’s video performance unfolded in three distinct parts: a dance of mirrored gestures with a dancer; a handheld experimental video piece; and the reading of an original text with the dancer. In a first duo, one agent directs the other as they mirror each other’s language, but it soon becomes clear who is leading. Then, a video work showing Hu Wei and the dancer curiously encountering an unknown (to-them) living organism suggests alternative subject-object relations. Finally both speakers make commands, and speak out comments, thoughts, questions, and phrases such as “I am a rational animal”. A Spiral Dance, A Circuit asks: What is agency? When does divergence lead to opposition? How does circuitry develop the “capacity to be the other”?

Description by Les commissaires anonymes.

Presented at:
Chapel of Greylight Projects, Brussels, BG | September 2016
Showroom Arnhem, Dutch Art Institute, Arnhem, NL | July 2016
Opening Songs for a Deaf Ox exhibitions, Dutch Art Institute, Arnhem, NL | June 2016

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